We mostly think of thoroughbreds speeding around the track, an equestrian showing off their tricks, and people riding along the beach on horse back when the topic of horses is mentioned. For a small percentage of horse enthusiasts there is a much more specialized use of horses that takes advantage of their disposition and handling.

Horses, like any animals, are sensitive to whoever is around them. They may respond with more agitation and knee-jerk kicking, neighing, and bucking when someone approaches them. When horses are approached with an even temperament, more emotional control, and a solid sense of discernment and personal management, it is as if the horse is transformed from this wild bucking beast into the sweetest being that ever existed.

The truth is that this is where the element of therapy and the horses come together. While special needs children are often the beneficiaries of specialized horse therapy, there is another practical use that also makes much-needed difference in the world. It is of transforming angry and poorly adjusted bosses who cannot fathom the hit of their emotional turmoil and how it impacts employees into more humane managers. There was an employee from a home builder in MN who brought his rescue dog because the dog was extremely shy, and started opening up once he became comfortable with the horses.

Horse therapy transforms people as well as workplaces. It also improves productivity while having a ripple effect into society as a whole.