We all want to connect to nature, learn how to tame our inner beast, while becoming better people. That’s the basic idea of horse therapy businesses. As it turns out it is not just effective for helping soothe, build self esteem and motor skills for children and adults with special needs. It is particularly useful for companies that are looking to build the people skills and conflict resolution skills of its employees and managers.

It may help with improving conflict and behavioral issues. There is a connection between how well an individual communicates with their charges and peers and how connected they are to mother nature, at least according to most horse therapy businesses. An angry manager who takes to a horse will be bucked, trampled, kicked, and not in good spirits if they remain angry. It is only through their softening, and their understanding of how their anger sullies relationships, particularly with a hypersensitive animal such as a horse.

The therapist is like a horse whisperer who knows how important it is to maintain composure, even and a balanced personality to connect with the horses successfully. People who go through such therapy become better managers and employees as a byproduct. We worked with a person that writes a blog (Home Building Trends MN) who reported that he had anger issues. He was snapping at his employees, and even lost one of his best writers. He learned how to “calm himself” as he called it, and he found that he could employ the same technique that made the horse respond better into his own personal relationships. Good progress indeed!